March 31, 2014 

Why Do You Need an AT Powerbank?


            Well, in this tough demanding world that we live in, who doesn’t?

Give us the luxury of giving you the reasons why you should carry an Airborne Tech Powerbank on your everyday life.


1-    Power Charge Your Phone, Anytime, Anywhere.

When the Wi-Fi is on or you have lots of phone calls and text messages in a day, for sure your phone’s battery will give up. You are outdoor and yes, you do have your charger with you, but too bad, there’s no available power outlet for you to charge it on. But when you have an AT Powerbank, surfing the Internet and communicating with your friends all day even when you’re travelling will never be a problem.


2-    Mobility.

No worries having to carry an Airborne Tech Powerbank in your bag all day when you’re leaving home and doing your daily outdoor tasks. Because of its lightweight design, it makes it very portable and convenient to be included on your bag’s must-haves. You wouldn’t even notice it’s there until you bring your phone out and see that it is already fully charged.


3-    Fashionable.

Of course, being in style is also a big deal. Who would want to carry around an obnoxious-looking charging gadget, right? Good thing AT Powerbanks are designed to perfectly fit every lifestyle. Executives wouldn’t find it awkward charging their MacBook Air in a coffee shop if they’re gonna use an AT Arsenal Laptop Powerbank. A chic college girl can definitely walk around the campus using her stylish AT Slim Powerbank looking all trendy and classy. Airborne Technologies created its own unique design to outstand other brands. Without an argument, powerbanks should also look fashionable and attractive.


4-    Charge Not Just One, But Two of Your Gadgets.

Airborne Technologies knows the needs of a 21st Century man. Most of us carry and use more than one gadget, or when we’re with our friends or families who also own phones individually- now it’s possible to charge them all at once. AT Powerbanks have two USB ports to accommodate two gadgets at the same time. In that way, no one is left behind, all phones are charged!


5-    Quality of the Product.

Perhaps most of us have been victims of false claims regarding a product we bought. Airborne Technologies sees to provide accurate specifications of the powerbanks they produce. The milliamperes and time of charging indicated are exact and unbiased. When they say AT Executive Powerbank has a capacity of 12,000 mah, it is really 12,000 mah. No false promises, only precise truths.


6-    Warranty Offered.

We all want to claim the safety warranties that the gadgets we purchase have to come with. All AT Powerbanks hold 1 warranty! Where else would you purchase your powerbank from?


7- All Gadget Brands and Types Are In.

Whether you use an Apple or a Samsung product, be it a smart phone, an iPad, tablet or even a laptop, Airborne Tech Powerbanks can get it recharged.


8-    Affordability.

Being classy need not be expensive. Owning an AT Powerbank doesn’t require high investment. Even students can afford them. You get to be in style, socially prestigious and fashionably recharged at a very low cost. Definitely worth it.