April 18, 2014 

Who Needs A Powerbank And Why


By now, you might have not realized yet the value of having a power bank in your life. If so, give us the pleasure of enumerating several lifestyles and situations that would make you say, “Oh, yes! I totally need that Airborne Tech Powerbank!”


  • Student- The Selfie Culture, as they say. The generation of taking lots of pictures of their selves. The generation where everyone takes a picture of their food first before eating them. The generation where Wi-Fi connection is a necessity. In this current point of time where unlimited text messages and calls are very, very important, would you allow yourself of not belonging just because of empty phone batteries?


  • Employee- When you’re outdoor and your boss is trying to call you about some urgent matter, or when a client decided to finally get that offer you were consistently asking him about, but your phone is dead. What’s it gonna be?


  • Manager- You are not in the office and an employee of yours sent you a message informing you of something very important regarding work, and your phone no longer has batteries. Are you ready of the consequences this simple scenario can bring just because you weren’t able to read that one single message?


  • Businessman- This world is a world of competition. In the business industry, one single call may mean the whole world to a businessman. Can you afford to lose a big potential break for the business because of an unanswered call? You surely wouldn’t.


  • Gamer- After all the time you spent, the strategies you formulated, or even the purchases on your credit card for that game you play on your PSP to release stress or surpass boredom while you’re on your way to somewhere, what are you gonna do when your gadget suddenly shuts down and that game wasn’t saved? Feels like the end of the world, right?


  • Traveller- Everyone loves to travel and explore a little something about the world. But at the same time, we also want to stay connected to our families and friends though we may be miles away. If you are enrolled on an unlimited Internet service but your phone or tablet no longer has their batteries, what good could your unlimited Internet service do to you?


  • Sports Hobbyist/Fitness Enthusiast- Those music playing on your earphones while you are running or hitting that ball could get going all day long. As long as you have a powerbank support on your sports/gym bag, you do not have to worry of losing the music and staying connected with everyone while you’re out and working out that precious body to be fit and healthy.


  • Photographer- There’s just so much to capture and make a record of on this world. There are lots of great majestic scenes to witness, lots of magical moments to see, and lots of special occasions’ acts to take. Everyday is another awesome event to document. With the power of your camera and a good powerbank to keep it going, all exceptional moments will be captured and preserved forever.