May 23, 2014

What to Consider in Getting a Powerbank


            By now, you might have already thought of purchasing a portable powerbank to fulfill your social and business needs. Here are some helpful tips in choosing your powerbank.



            You sure want to know the type of safe technology incorporated on that powerbank. Would you be confident that it wouldn’t burst when you recharge it over night when you sleep? Are you secure that your precious gadget is unharmed when you plug it with that powerbank? 

            First, you should know the power requirement or the input rating of your gadget. The output voltage of the powerbank should match with the input necessity of your gadget. Input rating has two parts- voltage (V) and current (A), and smartphones and tablets normally have 5V input. We strongly recommend to charge tablets on the powerbank’s 2A output for a more speedy charging time. You should also identify the so-called mAh or milliampere –hour of your gadget. This information about your gadget’s battery capacity is usually printed on the device’s battery itself or on the manual that the device came with.


Remember: Getting a powerbank with an output rating higher than the input requirement of your gadget may damage your gadget’s internal battery.


So, does that powerbank have an over charging protection feature where it automatically stops recharging once it's already battery full? Low grade battery cells can be explosive when over charged. Is that powerbank a quality grade that it gives you the peace of mind to charge your valuable gadget with it? You also have to check on that before picking that powerbank.



All power banks are different from one another in terms of cell quality, compatibility, and internal safety design. Are you sure you’re getting the best quality powerbank as an external power source partner for your gadget? First thing you have to check- Who is the manufacturer of that powerbank you’re about to buy? Is it a trusted brand and a professional maker? Do they have an after-sales support or they’re just a fly by night company? 

            Second, where did the parts come from? The shell itself should give you the first impression. The casing should be made from world-class standard that could give the powerbank the protection from all types of leaks or easy damages. A quality powerbank should have temperature protection and all the parts it’s made of have to be quality made to avoid short circuit problems or the likes. And in that way, you get your money’s worth.

            Lastly, do not forget to check on the warranty, of course. A reliable powerbank should have a dependable warranty. Obviously, powerbanks with lesser warranty period have equally lesser dependability. Superior powerbanks do not fear of providing longer warranty periods because they are confident on the quality and durability of their products. Generally, a well-maintained powerbank can uphold 80% of its original capacity up to 500 charge and discharge cycles, regardless if it was partially or fully charged. But also note that power banks are batteries too, and generally, batteries eventually deplete and will stop working.

Do not forget to choose a powerbank who offers customer support and a service center. You just might have questions or encounter problems with the powerbank you purchased, and if you got yourself a generic brand, who would be there to assist you?

            Always deliberate the total quality of a powerbank before buying. Remember to put worth on the money you spend for the gadgets you purchase.


Design and Portability

            Would you like to get a powerbank you wouldn’t have the pride of exposing outdoors? Or a powerbank you would think twice of bringing in your bag today or not? Get the one you can show off on a business meeting in that coffee shop and the one you can easily bring anywhere. You’re going to buy anyway so why not choose the one that perfectly fits your lifestyle and your desires, right? If you opt to get a large powerbank, you better choose the one you can use for your laptop too.

            Never pay for an expensive powerbank that will not fulfill your design and portability needs. If it’s not easy to bring, it wouldn’t be called portable charger at the first place.



Powerbanks’ battery type could either be Lithium Polymer or Lithium Ion. Since Lithium Polymer battery cells have higher manufacturing cost than Lithium Ion, the price of powerbanks using Lithium Polymer are usually more expensive.

You might get enticed by cheap powerbanks sold in the market, but remember to always consider the possible consequences of compromising quality with price. Get a powerbank where you pay for safety, quality, warranty, customer support, design and portability all at the same time.


We hope these ideas helped you on deciding what powerbank to choose as your daily outdoor battery source partner for your gadget. If there would be anything else we could help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It is always our pleasure to be of service to you.

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