April 8, 2014 

AT Powerbanks: The Beginning


April 5, 2014- The sun was so bright and the air smells like summer. An awesome day to be outdoor and enjoy the beauty of nature. A great day to hangout with friends and party. And yes, the perfect timing Airborne Technologies got to be officially introduced.

 Airborne Tech wake&wild1


7 AM @ Deca Wake Clark, Pampanga (1-2 hour drive from Manila via NLEX), the AT team (Jaze, Nish, Ramzy, Dary, Charis, and ER) started to set up their booth and hang their tarpaulins in preparation for a very important event in Airborne Technologies. The fun filled wakeboarding event entitled Wake and Wild paved way for the very first exposure for the company. Airborne Tech is one of the major sponsors of the said event. Oh, seeing all those singlet worn by the riders with a huge AT logo printed on the chest made the team feel that it was really the beginning, the start of another battle. Another battle to fight and another battle to win. AT confidently aims to hit the spot, that goal of being the No. 1 Powerbank in the Philippines, and there’s no doubt about that.


Airborne Tech wake&wild2

Airborne Tech wake&wild4


The event was hosted by Carlo Beltran and Ron Angeles. Guests and participants were roughly around 200 who came from different parts of the Metro and from southern and northern Luzon provinces.


Airborne Tech wake&wild3 

As the wakeboarding competition begun, the AT booth started to get visitors. Lots of inquiries especially on where to find Airborne Tech Powerbanks after the event, and of course a good upshot on the sales. The team explained each unit’s specifications and why people need powerbanks nowadays. Team AT also found new friends from their co-sponsors like Toms and Neff that were beside the Airborne Tech booth. Other sponsors for the even were Beach Hut, COG, San  Miguel Brewery, ClickTheCity.com, Tune Hotels, Circuit, Pulp, Spyder, Beverly Hills, Primo, and The Philippine Star. During the competition breaks, a total of four AT Slim Powerbanks and 50 AT Tumblers were given out during the raffle. The winners on the competition were also given a total of four AT Powerbanks.

Airborne Tech wake&wild7 

After the awarding of winners, the DJ started the party with a very summer-timely music. Booze all around and happy faces wherever you turn your head to. Truly a successful event for the organizers and the sponsors. And definitely a great day for the AT family.

Airborne Tech wake&wild6


The team went home with joyful smiles knowing that this day was really something. 04-05-14 marked the day Airborne Technologies was launched.  The first step of the many journeys the company will walk through. And now, it is ultimate. Airborne Technologies is here and ready to rule the powerbank industry and give power in your hands.


Airborne Tech wake&wild8