June 13, 2014

The Toughest Powerbank in the Market!


            In our dedication to make life more convenient for you, Airborne Technologies not only has created powerbanks to have you charge your gadgets when you’re outdoor, not only made them stylish and fashionable for you to feel confident to use them in a classy coffee shop, not only made them affordable so everyone could get themselves an emergency portable power source, not only devised them to have superior quality so you could be worry free of the threat it could bring to your precious gadgets… but has also revolutionized to produce the most durable, the most enduring, and the most powerful of them all to sum up all your portability power source needs in one tough powerbank.


            Yes, Airborne Technologies already got it! And we are proud to present the AT Tough Rock Powerbank. The first ever waterproof, sandproof, and shockproof powerbank in the market! Its sturdiness has long been tested and scrutinized along with its quality and design.

 AT Tough Rock Powerbank2

This rugged powerbank is perfect for your outdoor sports needs such as hiking, scuba diving, wakeboarding, mountain climbing, and the likes. You get the certainty that you stay connected to the world even when you’re far from the city where the power outlets are. The anxiety of battery loss for your gadgets will never hunt you with its capacity of 10,000 mAh, your phone can be fully charged seven times so you are reassured the whole day. Plus it has an SOS function and a Torch Light that makes it more perfect to be brought along on your outdoor activities!

 AT Tough Rock Powerbank3

We also know your need for fashion and style, that is why we sensibly designed the AT Tough Rock Powerbank specifically for your outdoor essential. The stout black with a touch of strong yellow perfectly fits your alfresco lifestyle, and we know you’ll love it.

AT Tough Rock Powerbank4 

Now you’re getting interested. All of these features in one awesome powerbank and for only Php3,999! If you find it too good to be true, watch out for it this June and get this AT Tough Rock Powerbank and see for yourself. Well, nothing is impossible with Airborne Technologies. Because you know, we definitely put Power In Your Hands.