July 18, 2014

In Times Like This, You Need An Airborne Tech Powerbank


We never know when storms will strike. We could never guess when will power be out. When calamities hit, how do we stay connected and acquire the much needed information when your gadgets run out of power? In times like these, you need an Airborne Tech Powerbank.


It is not new, especially to us Filipinos, that during these kinds of phenomena, power supplies are being cut off. No televisions or radios to keep track of the world outside. So what then are our best friends to stay updated?


During typhoons, most of us use our gadgets to get and receive information. Our mobile phones, tablets and our laptops are our primary tools or medium to check on the safety of our loved ones, to get news about the country’s current situation, and to stay abreast of the latest updates as to until when will the storm last or when will it end. If they, too, will run out of power, what else is there to do but to sit and worry of what will happen next.


That’s why there’s Airborne Technologies, primarily created to put Power In Your Hands. When you have an Airborne Tech Powerbank, power interruptions during great storms are not a problem. These long lasting powerbanks will keep your gadgets up and alive for mostly 2-3 days. Like the AT Booster Powerbank with 14,000 mAh capacity, for only Php2,999, your iPhone could be charged up to eight times! Such a great deal, right? You get a quality power source for a good price that made you connected to the world even during the storms. AT Powerbanks are definitely your gadgets’ best friend during emergencies.


Now you want to know where to buy these quality reliable powerbanks? Call us at 995-3035 or at 0917-588-1826. Free shipping Nationwide!


Remember, Airborne Technologies is dedicated to put Power In Your Hands. So in times like this, don’t forget to grab your Airborne Tech Powerbank.