May 2, 2014

Myvape Pompously Introduces Its New Family Member


In our pursuit of always giving you the best and our dedication to continually innovate and develop to provide you with the highest quality of products our company could ever produce, Myvape Airborne, Inc. proudly presents its sister company which primarily targets putting power in your hands- Airborne Technologies.


Established in January 2014, Airborne Technologies is explicitly created to support the demands of the fast-pacing world. With its professional manufacturing of products, primarily powerbanks and flashdrives, Airborne Technologies carry with it comfort in lifestyle and aims to extend the battery life of this age’s popular gadgets ranging from smartphones, tablets, to laptops.


With strong Research and Development, and Quality Control Team, plus high manufacturing capability as well as in-depth awareness of customer needs, Airborne Technologies ensures to offer a high standard quality products that are environmental friendly, safe, reliable and affordable as well as deliver convenience and flexibility that suits every individual’s requirements and covers a whole range of users from different aspects of life like students, sports enthusiasts, employees, and businessmen by constantly improving products to satisfy clients’ demands.


Myvape Airborne has always been devoted in giving what you deserve. Join us as we provide you with the latests and the trendiests because we always wanted nothing but to put Power In Your Hands.


For further information, visit or send us an e-mail at It is always a pleasure to be of serve to you.