June 3, 2014

Ayala Bazaar 


May 25, 2014 - Airborne Technologies once again had a great chance of exposure at the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals Day held at the Cuenca Community Part in Ayala, Alabang.


Team Airborne Tech arrived at the location at exactly 8 AM, started to setup the booth and displayed its quality Airborne Tech Powerbanks along with the flashdrives in endearing animated characters. It was an awesome day to meet people, get exposed, and get sales. While the program runs continuously inside the open auditorium, some of the attendees walk around and check the food stalls and electronics booths outside the hall. Otter Box and Mobile1 were some of the participants on the bazaar.

AT Ayala Bazaar1 

The event, mainly focusing on and building the good relationship of Christian businessmen, were filled with games and performances from different teams. There was even a performance of a mom and her 4 year old daughter singing Let It Go from Disney’s hit movie, Frozen.  It was indeed a nice day for family and friends to get together. The program ended at around 4 PM and so the Airborne Tech team packed everything up, joyously ending the successful day.

 AT Ayala Bazaar2

Indeed, it was another experience for Team Airborne Tech, a chance for the company to be seen, and an opportunity for the brand to be known. Expect Airborne Technologies to be on school fares and tech bazaars more. Because Airborne Tech won’t stop until you get the Power In Your Hands!