July 12, 2014

 Airhead Flashdrives


In our current world where everybody uses laptops for work, school and leisure, and everyone needs a reliable tool to transfer and get their files whenever they want and need to, flashdrives have already been considered a necessity.

If you are going to buy a portable memory storage device to keep your files intact, why not get the one you can always flaunt in style, right? We are all fed up of the same old indistinctive designs of USB and using one that is fashionable and lightweight is the new hip!

Airborne Tech brings you the latest and the coolest thumbdrives in the market- the Airhead Flashdrives!

These compact storage devises are made very classy without compromising its performance. The Toshiba chips they use make them very durable. You can transfer, store and save your files, photos, videos, or music using a stylish USB in different famous characters by simply connecting these Airhead Flashdrives to your laptop or desktop’s USB port.


Check out the Airborne Tech Store to see all the available characters and cute designs!


Be more than just the ordinary. Airborne Tech gives you the chance to flaunt your flashdrives in style. Get yours now before you run out of cool designs!