May 16, 2014

Airborne Tech Stands Out


What Makes Airborne Tech Powerbanks different from all the other generic powerbanks? Let me tell you the reasons why.


AT Powerbanks are assembled under international quality control standards of the United States. They have dedicated engineers who do the extensive research on continuous innovation.


Parts are coming from different countries with different specifications- The IC Boards are from Japan, the batteries are Samsung Cells, all including its casings are done in the United States and once the parts are ready, all are sent to China for assembly, printing and packaging.


With Airborne Tech Powerbanks, they give you only true details. The millampere stated on the boxes are real and always the actual capacity. When they say AT Cube Powerbank can charge your iPhone around 4-5 times, that’s a fact. They do not bring out biased and erratic details about their products and you should try it for yourself. Airborne Technologies sees to it that you get what you paid for.


If you notice, AT Powerbanks’ designs are classy and fashionable. That’s because they are finely crafted by their creative technology designers explicitly for each lifestyle’s needs. If you were a student, you would look cool and trendy with an AT Slim. However, if you’re a professional, the sleek classy AT Executive will be very suitable for you. You see, Airborne Technologies have eyes for trends and style. Unlike generic power banks, you can feel that confidence and that boasting aura when you bring out that AT Powerbank and charge your gadget outdoor.


And yes, I could also brag about its warranty. Of course you know that powerbanks are batteries and batteries don’t usually have warranties. But these external power storage devices of Airborne Technologies are very high quality that they come along with one year warranty! And not only that, they also have an eficient and accommodating customer support for you to always be assisted. Nothing could ever be this convenient and gives value to your money at the same time.


Compared with the unbranded powerbanks sold in the market, Airborne Tech Powerbanks are cost friendlier. They are more affordable in the sense that you get the exact battery capacity, the stylish design and the dependability that you paid for. With AT Powerbanks, you get your money’s worth.


So what else is there to do? You know you need a powerbank in your daily on-the-go life. Go grab an AT Powerbank now and put the Power In Your Hands!