March 25, 2014 


Power In Your Hands


            Can you imagine life going back to stone age where you have to create friction from stones to make fire? Or life where communication was so hard that you would have to travel mountains to deliver messages?

            With all the technological breakthroughs that have been swirling around our planet to make life easier; electronic mails, cellular phones and lots of other new gadgets… Unquestionably, our generation is at its peek of great technological advancement that everyone is obviously taking full advantage of.

            At this current point of time, everybody’s on a rush. Delays are crucial and not replying to your girlfriend on time because your phone’s battery got drained is a criminal offense. How do we handle this?

            Airborne Technologies is a company dedicated to make everyone’s life easier. We understand that the outdoor, always-on-the-go life has its toll, and that is, your gadgets (that are very important part of your everyday life) would run out of batteries and make your life miserable. Now, that is a problem you can fix! The power is now in your hands!


Introducing the startlingly cool Power Banks distinctively created by Airborne Technologies just for you!


Starting of with AT Stone Powerbank. This easy-grip, stone-like model is perfect for travellers, hikers, campers, and sports enthusiast. Available in Dark Gray and Light Gray colors which are impeccable for outdoor people who enjoys the beauty of nature. Having the capacity of 11,200 mAh for only Php2, 650.00, you will never worry of dead batteries for you can charge them anytime, anywhere. Making it a definite a must-have. With AT Stone, even when your GPS is turned on, nothing could go wrong.

AT Stone Powerbank

            Next in line is the cost-friendly AT Hype Powerbank. Best for young professionals who are always on the go like researchers, photographers and salesmen, where their cameras, ipads, and phones need to be always good and working.  This is also great for travellers since it could last up to 2-3 days without recharging. Only for Php3, 590.00 and the model is available in six colors- Pink, Lime, Sky Blue, Purple, White, and Black. 16,800 mAh can fully charge your phone six to eight times! Truly something an outdoor person should keep in his bag.

 AT Hype Powerbank

            For the students who are fond of texting and are always online using the social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, AT Slim Powerbank is the power bank for you! Its sleek design makes it very easy for you to keep it in your pocket and fully charge your mobile phones twice in a day because of its capacity of 5, 300 mAh. It is very lightweight that you won’t even notice it is in your bag and your favorite gadget is already charging. The techy dudes and the gaming addicts will definitely make a good use of it. Very cheap at Php1, 680.00 so the youth could affordable. Available in candy colors - Blue and Green that will suit your phones. Gotta have one of these before you lose track and get late of the showbiz news and events of your friends!

 AT Slim Powerbank

            The executives on the go definitely wouldn’t afford missing a business opportunity just because their phones ran out of batteries. The smooth silver, sleek design of AT Executive Powerbank is superbly intended for the professionals and business travellers whose lives are outlined to work outdoors. This model is very lightweight and its capacity is 12, 000 mAh which could charge your smartphone up to five times before it drains out. Only Php3, 700.00. Nothing to worry about losing contact with possible business development or expansion when your doing business outdoors, because with Airborne Technologies, the Power Is In Your Hands.

 AT Executive Powerbank

With the AT Cube Powerbank, going outdoors is never again a scary thing. With a capacity of 8,400 mAh, whether you’re travelling, going to the office or school, or to your business meeting, this model is designed for you. It can charge your smartphone four times before it drains. Also perfect for fashion enthusiasts because of its mirror-like finish. It has a digital capacity indicator and a LED logo display. This small, easy to bring power bank is available in Silver, Red and Blue and Black. And it’s only Php2, 490.00 that makes it very affordable to everybody.  In just one click, your putting power in your hands.

 AT Cube Powerbank

            Of course, the laptop users have their own model too. Nowadays, the use of laptop is very demanding. Reports here and there, and the youngsters always need it to accomplish school works and researches while checking their Facebook profiles on the side. The AT Arsenal Laptop Powerbank perfectly fits your lifestyle. You can do business outdoors without worrying on you laptop’s battery life. This model has a gigantic capacity of 24, 000 mAh, 16v/19v, and a sleek, smooth, metallic design to match with your apple products. Students and professionals will make a great use of this power bank. But not only them video editors or campers will find this high capacity power bank useful on their outdoor activities too. You get a battery charging devise for your camera, phone, and laptop for only Php9, 490.00. Isn’t that amazing? That is definitely doing business as you go!

 AT Arsenal Laptop Powerbank

            The world is continuously giving standards and demands to survive this competitive place we are living in. When everyone else is in, will you allow yourself to be out? Power banks are the latest technological invention to support the demand of longer gadget battery lives. The gadgets we use everyday. The gadgets we couldn’t imagine living our lives without. With Airborne Technologies, we put power in your hands.