April 21, 2014

AT Powerbanks goes Viral on Youtube


Never be afraid of trying something new. Remember, amateurs built an ark. Professionals built the Titanic. -Anonymous


Having to be a company dedicated to innovations, Airborne Technologies planned to produce its first ever infomercial that spun about how people of today could make great use of our Airborne Tech Powerbanks. The production team (from the director to the artists), comprising of Communication Arts students of Colegio de San Lorenzo in Congressional Ave., crafted the idea of presenting a product that you didn’t know you needed or you didn’t even know existed. These fresh, talented young individuals aimed to create a brand-new category by tapping into unexpected desires.


AirborneTech Infomercial


The one-day shoot took place from 9am-6pm on the last day of March, 2014, within Subic area and mostly shot at the Whiterock Waterpark Resort. The 3-minuter film is composed of five young artists with different daily outdoor activities.  First shot is a lady (Nish Arafa, also the director of the production) in a milktea house taking a picture of her red velvet cake and posting it on Instagram when her phone screen suddenly displayed low battery and she took her AT Cube Powerbank out of her bag and charged it. Making her continue her social networking activity, which is what almost everyone in this generation does.


Next scene was Jason Salvador, acting as a sports enthusiast, who removed his GoPro camera from charging on his AT Stone Powerbank and used it on his zipline and kayak activities.  Followed by a sweet-looking girl (Rachel Orias) jogging under the sun and listening to music then her phone’s battery got drained. She took a shade and plugged her iPhone 5 on her AT Slim Powerbank and her music was back on. Elroie Baluyot, also one of the active ambassadress of Airborne Technologies, showed an alluring dance after plugging her iPad on her AT Hype Powerbank to make sure her rehearsal won’t be interrupted by power outage, then chose a dance choreography from Youtube and followed it.


The group got together at the end of the film after JayR Roque, who acted as a professional businessman working on his MacBook Air charged on his AT Arsenal Laptop Powerbank, called them all and invited them to go to the beach. Fun summer ambiance on their way to the beach and Nish was charging her phone on her AT Powerbank while taking videos and pictures of them while they’re driving their way to the resort.


While the heat of the beach party was on, everyone drinking and dancing to the tune of Icona Pop’s All Night, JayR’s laptop shutdown turning the music off and making the group stop and look at him. He smiled, walked towards his laptop and charged it on his AT Arsenal and the great music was back to life. Then the party went back on with Power in Your Hands AT tagline displayed on their silhouette shot. AT logo posted after, then its website.


While the term “infomercial” was originally applied only to television advertising, it is now sometimes used to refer to any presentation (often on video) that presents a significant amount of information in an actual, or perceived, attempt to promote a point of view. Airborne Technologies hopes to present to you the idea that you need a powerbank. That there might be uncaptured moments or unanswered calls because of dead batteries. With AT Powerbanks, you have the power as you go on your outdoor life. No worries, no problems.


Expand your mind and challenge yourself. Do more, try more, and learn more. Like Airborne Tech’s attempt to persuade you on its infomercial. Because when you don’t try something new, life gets boring on just staying within the limits of what you already know. Now you have a choice to put the Power in Your Hands.


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