May 18, 2014

The Newest Addition to the AT Powerbanks Collection


Airborne Technologies is delighted to introduce to you the two new models on its powerbank collection!


AT Revive Powerbank

            You sure will get a good use of this powerbank with its capacity of 10,000 mAh, it can charge your phone up to five times so you wouldn’t worry losing connection with you friends or your business transactions all day long. You can choose from its elegant Gold, Silver, Red, and Gunmetal colors to fit your style and fashion. For only Php2, 999.00 you get a portable charger for your gadgets when you go out where there is no available power outlet. Are you a student? A young professional? Or a businessman? You surely need this AT Revive Powerbank so go get yourself one!


AT Booster Powerbank

            The higher the milliampere, the longer the time you can use it to charge your gadgets. AT Booster Powerbank has a 14,000 mAh capacity, this powerbank can fully charge your phone up to seven times, which means you can go carefree of low batteries because you’re confident of having a reliable power source. And not only that it’s high capacity, it is also very hip and fashionable on its Gold, Silver, Red, and Gunmetal colors. You can look classy and feel worry free while charging that gadget outdoor. Available at Php2, 999.00 so every on-the-go people can afford it. Perfect for all types of travellers, workers and young professionals!


            With the complete lineup of this mighty powerbanks of Airborne Technologies, where else will you get your outdoor power source from? Here at Airborne Tech, we are dedicated in giving you nothing but power, Power In Your Hands.