October 15, 2014

Retro Bazaar @ Metrotent


October has been a rainy month for the Philippines. But for Airborne Technologies, October has been its month raining with bazaars, exhibits and events. And the 2014 Retro Bazaar at Metrotent was the beginning.




Last October 3, 2014, the said bazaar commenced and attracted shoppers at Metrowalk, Ortigas. Exhibitors displayed their items and were all set by 1 PM. Airborne Tech was invited by Easyshop.ph, one of the major sponsors for this bazaar together with Hyundai and Toyota. Other presenters were Tanduay, Raptor and 7-Eleven. This was a 3-day event and shoppers took the advantage of great sale prices on lots of items! Airborne Tech offered 10% off on all its items on this fair.



Gorgeous ladies of Easyshop modeled the fashionable collection of AT Powerbanks.




There were raffle tickets given to the shoppers who registered, and there were also prizes presented to the concessionaires. Bands play music at around 6 PM, and there were also performances from standup comedians that made the event lively.

To excite the crowd, there were free drinks care of Tanduay, electric maze game at the Easyshop booth where the winner will take home an iPad Mini, free 5-minute massage at the Asian Massage booth, and free charging station for mobile phones by Airborne Technologies with of course its high quality and stylish powerbanks.




On the third and last day of the bazaar, October 5, 2014, Easyshop gave out five AT Minibanks on the raffle as the grand prizes. It was another great exposure venue for Airborne Tech and we are happy to be part of this 3-day Retro Bazaar.



Airborne Tech products are up and live at Easyshop.ph.