September 26, 2014

AT Smart USB Adapters 


Because you asked for it, Airborne Technologies came up with its very own wall adapters. Featuring an ideal compact design, the AT Smart USB Adapters were uniquely fashioned for hassle-free charging at home or in the office.


These power adapters offer fast and efficient charging for our generation’s gadgets and also your Airborne Tech Powerbanks. It works perfectly for all types of iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. 

Just simply plug your existing USB cable to the AT Smart Single USB Adapter and the next end to your gadget and these powerful adaptors will give a speedy recharging process for your battery! Safe and definitely would not consume a lot of electricity.


The AT Smart USB Adaptors are available not only in single inputs but also in dual! You can now charge two of your gadgets at the same time with the AT Smart Dual USB Adapter!


Simultaneously recharge your Airborne Tech Powerbank and your mobile phones before leaving the house and spending the day out. It is compatible with devices running on 5 Volts and has 2 Amp for faster charging. The AT Smart Dual Adapter has LED power indicator too.


Colors available for the single wall adapter are Pink, Blue and Green, and costs only Php150. While the classy shades of White and Black for the dual wall adapters are valued for only Php350.





Order now to experience the ease of lifestyle Airborne Tech offers. For inquiries, please contact us at or call us at 995-3035 / 0917-5881826.