August 11, 2014 

No Plug, Just Play! The AT Boom Box Vibration Speaker


“Music is the strongest form of magic.” –Marilyn Manson


Music has been a great part and has played a great role in the human life. When we want to relax, to party or even when we want to be alone, music is our best friend. And I am pretty much sure, a lot would agree to that.


Now, being committed to put power in your hands by making life more comfortable, Airborne Technologies came up with another latest innovation that will surely allure the music lovers out there. We are proud to bring you a speaker that does not need a bluetooth, a data cable or even a Wi-Fi! Ladies and gentlemen, the Airborne Tech Boom Box Vibration Speaker.




This tremendous technology is another hassle-free advancement from Airborne Technologies. All you have to do is place your mobile phone, or any portable device with an external speaker, on top of it and great rich sound will come out. No Plug! Just Play! Just how cool can that be?


Well, what it does is it picks up the vibration from the phone. There are couple of inductors inside the AT Boom Box that sense the electricity moving through the voice coil of the internal speaker on your portable device and pass that signal along to the internal amplifier inside the AT Boom Box.




This speaker is very portable, easy to bring for outdoor activities like picnics or swimming parties. Continuesly play music for up to 10 hours and its charging time is just 4 hours. And yes, it is compatible with all Airborne Tech Powerbanks so you can recharge it anytime, anywhere! Outdoor fun goes on even without power outlets! Also affordable even to students for only Php1,800.00. The AT Boom Box is durable and has 1 year warranty.



Get this cool Airborne Tech Boom Box Vibration Speaker now! For inquiries call us at 995-3035 / 0917-5881826.